Reverse Osmosis Plant

We offer various capacity RO plant and UF plant.

We supplied Multi Grade sand filter, activated carbon filter, iron removing filter, bag filter, and catridge filter, SS 316 Filter Housing, Ultrafiltration membrane, PLC based automation and UF package system, RO dosing Pump, Low pressure switch, high pressure switch, rotameter, differential pressure switch, pressure vessel, breakish water membrane, sea water membrane, high pressure pump, SS 316 Plunger Pump, Pressure recovery Turbo, PLC and scada basedd complete automation.

we ensure quality on our supplies and UF output water that suitable for RO feed water. it ensure Turbidity and SDI in UF output. Ultra filtration ensures life of RO membrane and keep constant recovery and performance. it reduce RO operation cost and chemical cleaning cost. our design for RO plant and UF are as per membrane guideline and their design software.

we installed various capacity UF and RO Plant up to 4000KLD. further we installed Energy saving Turbo/Pressure Exchanger with VFD based Pump for energy recovery. it consumes very Less Power than conventional system.