Effluent Treatment Plant

we offer various equipment and supplies for effluent treatment plant.

Mainly, oil skimmer, aeration tank blower, diffuser, clarifier rack and mechanism for primary clarifier, secondary clarifier, Tertiary Clarifier, reactivated clarifier, centralized dosing system, agitator and stirrer, dosing Pump with FRP& PP dosing tank, chlorination and ozonation plant, sludge handling pump, self priming open impeller pump, ss pump, pH, Conductivity on line meter, various Instruments, PLC based automation, SCADA automation etc.

we installed various capacity Plant as in sequence of primary treatment, anaerobic Treatment, aeration, Biological treatment, Secondary Clarifier, Tertiary Treatment, Multi Grade Sand filter, Activated carbon filter, Iron removal filter etc.

our system and supplies ensures quality of treatment that matches to UF feed and less chocking to UF membrane. further, entire design is based on power saving, manpower saving, easy to handle and operating plant. it also withstand sudden changes in effluent nature, shock load, heavy load of effluent and keep quality in treated water.