Manufacture - Supply zero discharge systems

20 years of experience Discharge systems including Effluent treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis Plant, Multiple Effect Evaporator to various industries. Read more

Falling FilmEvaporator

Low fouling water with high efficiency The vapor boiled off in one vessel can be used to heat the next, and only the first vessel (at the highest pressure) requires an external source of heat. Read more

Forced Circulation Evaporator

For high salt, High Fouling water In falling film evaporator, water is distributed in tubes like a fine film layer on surface of tubes. During evaporation, scaling materials such as Read more

Waste Heat RecoveryEvaporator

For reusing waste heat from Process This type of evaporator is flexible and allows running on various load.
Depend on heat load, it evaporate feed water. No requirement for steam.
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Consultancy & service

A.P.Engineers also provides consultancy and service for evaporator and its related applications. We modified, improve design on existing system of client and increase its efficiency. With also, we provides our service on tube changing, evaporator revamping, pipe and ducting line work of evaporator.

Our Services Includes

own fabrication unit with latest equipments for precious quality in manufacturing. Our design and engineering team gives standards that match to international quality. We installed and run plant suitable for textile industries, pharmaceuticals industries, chemicals industries, food processing units etc.